Is A Family Rehab In-Patient Program Right For You?

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Is A Family Rehab In-Patient Program Right For You?

16 August 2016
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When a parent is addicted to drugs, it affects more than just them. It can also cause a lot of stress and trauma to their children. When that person decides that they want to get clean, they may worry about what is going to happen to their kids while they are in rehab, especially if they are a single parent. If you are in this spot, you may wonder how you are going to get clean and take care of your kids at the same time, since both are very important jobs. Luckily, there are programs that can help you. 

Family Rehab In-Patient Programs

These programs are designed especially for parents who are addicts and who have young children. Most are set up for single parents, but can work with two parent families by having one parent sign up for the program and having the other sign up for a regular in-patient treatment program. The programs generally have an age cut-off for children that they will allow into the program, so if you are wanting to join a program, you will need to look into that first.

Benefits of Family Rehab In-Patient Programs

There are a lot of benefits to going through one of these programs. One of them is that you are going to know where your child is and that they are still in your care. Another reason is that these programs don't just help you, they will also help your child with specialized child-care programs. These programs employ people who are trained to help kids who have been living with a parent who is an addict. They can help your child process their emotions, among other things.

When you are in the program, there will also be family counseling. You and your children are going to have to learn or re-learn coping skills and how to communicate. There are going to be a lot of things that you and your children are going to be in the habit of doing that aren't healthy to anyone. 

Drawbacks to Family Rehab In-Patient Programs

One big drawback to these programs is that they aren't very common yet, and the programs that do exist tend to have very limited space, so you may end up on a waiting list to get into one of the programs. 

For more about this topic, contact drug addiction treatment center near you and see if a family rehab in-patient program is right for you and your child.